Be empowered to work with your own data

at Link-it

Be empowered to work with their own data from multiple data sources, to create crucial insights for business management; that is what Link-it was looking for. Link-it specializes in IT services tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In addition to supporting their customers with utilizing data, they strongly believe in “practice what you preach” and internally work data-driven as well. Through the Data Platform, Link-it is able to create and visualize reliable, complex insights in a fast and efficient way. 

The challenge: Link-it wants to quickly and easily combine data from various sources to use for crucial insights 

Link-it collects data through various systems. As they have a data-driven way of working, they use this data to generate insights. Their challenge is that generating insights with combined data from the different systems was very complex, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible, while this is precisely where the crucial business value lies. For this reason, they enlisted the help of Mountain Platform.

Mountain Platform’s Solution: An Azure Data Platform that centrally stores and transforms data, with a connection to Power BI

Mountain Platform deployed an Azure Data Platform, which complies with the security and networking best-practices from Microsoft and from Mountain Platform’s own experience. Because the platform is fully automated, Mountain Platform is able to guard the quality of the platform as Link-it gets started with it. Through the platform Mountain Platform centralises the data from both sources and offers the tools to continue working with this data. With support from Mountain Platform, Link-it is able to further transform the data to a business-relevant data model, which they can visualize in their dashboards.  

The result

Cloud data platform and multiple data sources 

Automatic extraction of Exact Online data

Tools and knowledge transfer to work with the platform themselves 

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