With data, you can conquer half the world! 

The things an inspiring collaboration can bring your way. Together with Link-it, Mountain Platform is set to elevate Invicta Watches Europe’s data provision to the next level. According to owner Ronald van Buul, this can result in sales increase of 25% for the core collection. 

Together with his brother, Ronald started Invicta in 2006. From nine stores domestic and international, along with an online shop, they sell watches. What matters is how we can add value through the use of smart technical capabilities. Many companies rely on intuition. When you gather your figures and conduct an analysis, it allows you to think ahead, with facts as your starting point. A simple example: if you know your most popular model, understand the delivery time, and recognize the period of high sales, you are able to precisely determine when and how much inventory to stock. The system can even place purchase orders automatically. 

 Read our featuring in the magazine of Regio Business to find out how we are going to realize this:

Link-it – Met zekerheid een bestseller voorspellen