40% efficiency gains by digitizing the matching process

at Talent naar de Top

We’re excited to share the positive impact of our automation solution, combined with an advanced AI algorithm, made by our team at Mountain Platform. Our collaboration has successfully fine-tuned the matching process at Talent naar de Top, a nonprofit organization based in The Netherlands. Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce, Talent naar de Top found that our matching solution has been a game-changer, greatly amplifying their ability to fulfil their mission. We achieve this by blending automation with human involvement. 

The challenge: The manual matching process is time-consuming and hinders the organization from efficiently and effectively identifying ideal matches. 

Talent naar de Top’s vision is to create a corporate world where diversity is embraced, and gender equality is promoted at all levels of organizations. To achieve this, they connect talented mentees with top-level executive mentors. However, the traditional manual matching process was a very time-consuming process, hindering the organization’s ability to identify ideal matches efficiently and effectively. They recognized the need for digitization in their matching process, and this led them to partner with Mountain Platform. 

Mountain Platform’s solution: Digitizing the application process and optimize the matching process with AI. 

Mountain Platform sought the most effective improvements to significantly enhance Talent naar de Top’s efficiency and reduce the likelihood of errors. The first thing we did was digitize the application process, where it became easier for mentors and mentees to apply and for Talent naar de Top to process those applications. Then we created an AI algorithm to optimize the matching process, with the aim of generating accurate matches between the mentees and mentors. There was a focus on maintaining the important role of human oversight in the decision-making stages, ensuring that the AI algorithm consistently aligns with Talent naar de Top’s intended values.

The result

Digital application process to ensure an easier, more efficient process for both the mentees and mentors and for Talent naar de Top. 

Matching algorithm that calculated the compatibility between the mentor and mentee for more accurate matches 

Attention for the human aspect: attention for the individual and the core values of Talent naar de Top in every step of the process 

“Mountain Platform has developed a solution for us, closely aligned with our needs, and even better because they quickly understand what we mean and actively brainstorm. This solution enables us to handle peak moments; through the revamped process, we save 40% of ‘working-hours.”

Ellen Stoop

Programma Manager Cross-Mentoring, Talent naar de Top