Unleashing Data Power: Elevating Promese Logistics’ Reporting with the Data Platform

at Promese Logistics

Promese Logistics, a logistics company from Eindhoven serving both B2B and B2C processes, generates a substantial amount of data. Seeking a structured and secure method to consolidate data from various systems and databases and transform that data, in order to generate operational and management reports using PowerBI. Mountain Platform’s Data Platform emerged as the perfect solution. 

The challenge: The structured integration of multiple large data sources for a scalable backend for Promese’s reporting

Utilizing Power BI dashboarding for operational and management insights involved loading data into Power BI from the source and performing transformations within Power BI’s engine. While the front-end setup functioned well, scaling to multiple data sources, larger datasets, or complex logic at the backend was technically challenging or even unattainable.

Mountain Platform’s Solution: Extracting the data source, e.g. an AS400 machine, to an Azure Data Platform, where the data is centrally stored and transformed

Mountain Platform’s Solution: Implementing the Azure Data Platform following best practices, Mountain Platform utilized tools like Data Lake, Data Factory, and Databricks. This involved extracting and centralizing data from four different data sources, including a legacy AS400 machine. Mountain Platform laid the groundwork for standardizing and transforming the data, guiding Promese’s employees to continue development and take over management.

The result

Cloud data platform following best practices

Automatic extraction from 4 data sources, including a legacy AS400 machine, SQL servers, and SharePoint 

Knowledge transfer and guidance for self-operation on the platform 

“After a pleasant collaboration, the project concluded successfully, which wouldn’t have been possible without Mountain Platform’s expertise. They not only designed and implemented the model but also familiarized our employees with Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and DevOps, enabling them to take over management themselves.” 

Frank Herculeijns

Managing Director